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Hex Girls: 2006 - 2007[]

Sally McKnight entered the Saint Elias School for Girls as a demure sophomore with brown hair and a pristine school uniform. Because of her later addition to the student roster, transferring mid-semester, Sally was assigned the school's only bed in a smaller than typical room which made it a three-girl dorm instead of the usual four-bed dorms which were standard at the school.

It did not take long for Sally to meet her two roommates: Margaret and Kimberly, or as they were better known: "Dusk" and "Luna." They made quite the impression on Sally. The two girls were totally opposed to the whole structure of their school and were in open rebellion, having adopted the look of witches as a way to protest against the conservative faculty at the all-girl school.

It did not take long for Dusk and Luna to figure out Sally had been sent to the school for kissing a girl and once they knew that, Dusk and Luna were determined to "corrupt" their roommate and induct her into their faux-coven. Though their initial attempts to seduce or tempt Sally failed, they did eventually succeed when they overheard Sally singing in the shower and insisted she join them after-class in the school's old music hall. Sally had no intention of attending the meetup, assuming the two were using the old building on the outskirts of the campus as a place to hook up or engage in underage drinking or smoking; but the girls caught her in the hallway on their way to the music hall and more or less dragged Sally with them. Not wanting to make a scene, Sally gave in and followed.

Once in the music hall, Dusk and Luna showed Sally to the stage where they had set up some salvaged musical instruments they had found buried deep in one of the school's storage closets they had been assigned to clean out in one of their many detention sessions. The girls insisted that Sally would be the perfect singer for their band. Sally was resistant but Dusk and Luna promised they would quit their blatant attempts to seduce her if she just sang one song for them.

That one song turned into a five-hour jam session which morphed into Sally staying up late with her roommates most nights, scribbling out lyric ideas while watching old horror movies. In a month, Sally had a complete makeover with dyed hair, heavy eyeliner, and a new name: Thorn.

The school often threatened to separate the three girls after they saw Sally's transformation, but such efforts were usually short-lived as other girls objected to being housed in a smaller dorm and the threesome's antics only escalated when they were separated. When left alone, the "Hex Girls" (as they began to call themselves) went to class, did their homework, and only opposed the school's faculty with verbal debate or minor rule infractions.

During the summer between their Junior and Senior years, the girls decided to give each other matching henna tattoos. They opted to use a symbol from an old book Luna bought at a flea market. While marking each other, the girls sang a silly chant they had improvised from their discarded lyrics, accidentally creating a mild summoning ritual.

When their marking of each other was complete, the three girls felt a sudden drowsiness overcome them and they retired to bed. Drifting off to sleep, the girls found themselves standing before the Sinister House.

Hex Girls: 2007 - 2010[]

Becoming aware that something was amiss about their dream, the girls approached the house and opened the front door. In the parlor, waiting for them was a woman they recognized as the hostess of late-night B-movie marathons, a show the girls often had on in the background when doing their after-hours songwriting sessions. The same program had been on their dorm room's television during their henna ritual.

The hostess of the house welcomed them to her new Nightmare House. She apologized for the decor as she had not yet had a chance to decorate it to her specifications, explaining she had only just barely been given the mansion by the Lord of the Dreaming. Seeing the girls were so confused, the hostess giggled and introduced herself as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The girls told her they knew who she was, to which Elvira commended them. She further praised them on discovering one of her old identities. The girls questioned what she meant. Elvira indicated that their tattoos were derived from the symbol of Alpanu, an identity Elvira used when she was a member of an Etruscan pantheon.

The lucid dream lasted the entirety of the girls' slumber as Elvira made them her honored guests for a lavish meal and all the dreamwine the girls could drink. After what felt like weeks, Elvira invited the girls to be her representatives on Earth and help replace her worship. In exchange, Elvira offered to give the girls some style tips and, more importantly, proposed to make them actual witches. All the girls had to do to receive genuine magical power was to carry on as a band and devote the lion's share of the psychic energy generated by their fame to Elvira, who would be their Matron and Mistress of the Dark.

After waking up, the girls went about their day normally, only realizing all three had the same dream after Luna mentioned having a weird dream over dinner. Dusk and Thorn chimed in that they also had a strange dream which had been on their minds all day. As the conversation went on, the girls realized they might actually be real witches.

The next night, after the girls fell asleep, they again found themselves at the Sinister House and began to receive nightly mystical instruction in their dreams from Elvira. They were even given a room in the Sinister House to use as their rehearsal studio to hone their craft.

The Hex Girls played their first actual gig at their school's Halloween dance. They even got permission from the school to play for other community functions on weekends. The Hex Girls were a niche band until getting a viral boost for a performance at a Pride Festival.

Hex Girls: 2010 - Present[]

The viral video got the Hex Girls booked for the Vampire Rock Music Festival in Australia. Before flying out, Luna convinced her dentist father to give them fangs. The teeth helped the girls stand-out and drew the attention of Illiwara Records who jumped at the chance to sign the girls.

During their first world tour in 2011, after the success of their second album "Who Do Voodoo?", the Hex Girls came out to the world as actual witches and their popularity has since skyrocketed, riding the wave of the so-called Meta-Music movement and their newfound status as icons of queer culture and girl-power.

Key Affiliations[]

  • Their Matron: The Hex Girls are devout witches, loyal to their matron. They do not discuss her with the press except to call her their Mistress of the Dark. Few people outside the coven itself and their closest allies know the identity of their matron. When discussing the matter with occult scholars, the girls identify themselves as "Eco-Witches," leading many to assume that they are witches in service to Gaia.
  • The Endless: The Hex Girls have met most of the Endless. Their status as Lucid Dreamers has led them to explore the outskirts of the Dreaming and they count Desire, Delirium, and Death among their friends.
  • Velma Dinkley: After the Hex girls came out as real witches, Velma spent a summer with them. Velma and the Hex Girls became close.
  • Mystery Inc: The Hex Girls' third album is loaded with several songs about these Meddlin' Kids after Mystery Inc helped prove the Hex Girls' innocence after they were arrested during a show in Markovia.
  • Their Fans: The Hex Girls' fans call themselves Hexers, Hexheads, or Eco-Goths. They have a large overlap with the Planeteer movement, particularly after Luna was spotted having dinner with Gi Moon.[1]

Trivia and Notes[]


  • Their music genre is considered, Alternative Metal, Pop Rock, Meta-Music, Goth rock and Goth metal.
  • Velma Dinkley spent one summer on the road with the Hex Girls, and has a Hex Girl tattoo. Rumor is that the tattoo was a souvenir from a hook-up with a member of the band.[2]
  • Chad Fuller was their first roadie in 2010, but he left after they got their record deal, as he felt he was weighing them down and he said goodbye in Star City. Chad was with them again during the European Touring of 2011-2013. Chad used African Dream Root to Lucid Dream with the Witches of Oakhaven for some literally trippy adventures and even got to meet their Mistress of the Dark.[3]
  • Sex Bob-Omb is opening for them. Hex Girls hired them at the request of Elvira, who wants to protect Scott Pilgrim from the League of Evil Exiles.[4]
  • They have done a concert in the Perpetual Cabaret on Danny the Street. It was a standing-room-only show.[5]
  • They are considered to be queer culture and girl-power icons as both LGBT's and Young Millennial Women alike have expressed admiration and embracement for them. In addition, they are also considered to be cult icons as they have gained a large cult following with the Scooby-Doo fan community.


  • The Hex Girls are a team from the Scooby Doo franchise.
  • Saint Elias School for Girls is a location from Young Justice, Vol. 1.
  • Oakhaven is a location from the Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost animated movie.
  • Their concert in Australia is a nod to the Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire animated movie.
  • The vampire attacks is a nod to the What's New, Scooby-Doo? episode "The Vampire Strikes Back."

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