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(Submitted by Four-Eyes)

Muffy St. James: 1990 - 2005[]

Margaret is the only child of William St. James and Mary Belmont, who were married for a brief time before their volatile mix of personalities caused their relationship to implode. Their daughter was neglected in the divorce proceedings, only really used as a pawn and trophy in the various power plays that followed throughout the girl's formative years.

When the divorce was over, the two parents tried to rebuild their life, only then to discover that they had nearly lost their daughter. Margaret, or "Muffy" as her father called her, had become a rebellious youth in a desperate bid for attention and began hanging out with some sketchy kids, particularly when staying with her mother in Gotham City.

On one such summer in Gotham, Muffy and her friends were caught stealing from a corner bodega. As they tried to escape, the clerk caught Muffy by the wrist. One of Muffy's friends struck the clerk to aid her escape. The clerk fought back, pinning Muffy's rescuer to the wall. Rather than abandon her friend, Muffy grabbed a nearby mop and struck the clerk in the back of the head. The man would be hospitalized and Muffy was arrested five days later when the man was able to identify her.

Using some of his political clout, Muffy's father got his daughter released from juvenile detention and placed in his care on the condition she attend a reform school. Muffy was sent to Saint Elias School for Girls.

Muffy St. James: 2005 - 2008[]

Muffy toed the line on her probation agreement. She did everything she was required to do to stay out of juvenile detention, but continued to press her luck by pushing her teachers' buttons whenever she could. As she was attending an uptight religious school, she befriended the school's weird girl and the two decided to play the part of the gothic rebel witches, eventually taking on new names and recruiting a third to start a rock band. This would lead them to becoming actual witches almost by accident. (Refer to Network Files - Hex Girls)

Dusk: 2008 - 2010[]

After graduation, Muffy (now called "Dusk") dismissed any notion of higher education. She barely passed high school and was more interested in hitting the road as a rock band with her coven sisters, and furthering her mystical study. As the coven's "Maiden," it fell to Dusk to be the band's go-to scrapper, and Dusk really sank her teeth into the role. She used mystical techniques to enhance her strength and overall physicality.

Dusk: 2010 - Present[]

Dusk was hesitant to accept their record deal, but ultimately agreed to the terms as it was what Luna and Thorn felt was best for the coven. Dusk did not handle her newfound celebrity status very well. She was charged with multiple assaults for how she handled paparazzi who did not heed her warnings (Luna, Thorn, and Illiwara Records were able to get the charges dropped). When the Hex Girls were arrested in Markovia for vampirism, Dusk was ready to unleash her volatile, violent powers but she was quelled and instead the band reached out to their friend Velma. When the Hex Girls came out as witches, Dusk felt a sense of relief.

Supplemental Reports[]

  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) In addition to serving as the band's drummer, Dusk is the coven's martial expert. She has no formal fighting style, but that does not mean she is not dangerous. Dusk uses her magic and rage to startling effect. Adding to Dusk's warrior's spirit, she is usually the only Hex Girl who gets more rowdy after a hard-fought victory. Dusk always wants to celebrate a win.
  • (Submitted by Four-Eyes) Here are some interesting notes about Muffy:
    • Muffy's coven name Dusk was meant to reference something beautiful with a sense of finality.
    • Muffy's father is a high-ranking official in the NSA. Her mother is a wealthy heiress, socialite, and humanitarian.
    • Muffy's signature fangs, like all the Hex Girls' fangs, are actually just cosmetic veneers which were done by Dr. Moss in Oakhaven.
    • Muffy is rarely more excited than when she has a conflict in front of her. She gets very jazzed by band battles or if she gets to wear her war paint.
    • More than any of the other Hex Girls, Muffy doesn't like to talk about her personal life, particularly details of her love life.
    • Muffy claims to lack the ability to say "no" to one thing: Snickerdoodles.[1]

Threat Assessment[]


  • Witch Physiology
    • Enhanced Resilience
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Mystical Intuition
    • Supernatural Senses
    • Master Alveromancer
    • Master Erotomancer
    • Master Oneirokinesis
    • Expert Alchemist
    • Hyperkinetic
  • Master Drummer
  • Master Seductress
  • Expert Vocalist
  • Expert Songwriter



  • Physicality: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Occult: 5 — Master / Remarkable
  • Weaponry: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Expertise: 3 — Trained / Exceptional
  • Range: 4 — Expert / Enhanced
  • Strategy: 2 — Basic / Typical
    • TOTAL: 52
    • RANKING: Low Threat

Trivia and Notes[]


Missing Data


  • Dusk is a character from the Scooby Doo franchise, debuting with the rest of the Hex Girls in the film Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost.
  • Her hometown of Oakhaven, MA was the setting of Witch's Ghost.
  • Her father William St. James is the National Security agent from Harley Quinn, Vol. 1.


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